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And in this episode, we’re talking money. Producer Benjamin Thompson takes it from here. Every year, thousands of scientists around the world open the door to their very own labs. And what they all want is, broadly, the same. They want answers to burning questions – about exoplanets, or dinosaurs, or cancer. At Nature, we most often talk to scientists when they’ve started to answer those big questions, by which point they’ve usually already set themselves up – big lab, great kit, new discovery. But for this show we wanted to tell a different story. An origin story – the tale of neuroscientist Ali...

“The minute the announcement came through we could see on our online booking tools as well as our email inquiries and telephone calls this morning that there was a big surge,” Andrew Stark, Flight Centre Travel Group managing director, said Friday. “It has been pretty manic.” “We see this as most source markets open up, the following day we are inundated, we just cannot keep up with the demand, to be honest,” he said. Rosemary Anderson, chairwoman of hospitality association FEDHASA, said she is also seeing “a flurry of activity of South Africans wanting to travel to the U.K. and British people wanting to come to South Africa.” “We are going into summer, the U.K. is going towards autumn and many British people have not been able to travel to sunny places, so that makes South Africa a great destination for them,” she said. South African tourism minister Lindiwe Sisulu also welcomed the British decision, which comes in time for the start of the country’s peak tourism season near the end of the year. “We look forward to welcoming our British visitors in time for the South African summer season and we will continue to work tirelessly with all our national and international partners to ensure the success of South Africa’s tourism recovery,” Sisulu said in a statement. South Africa’s important tourism industry has been decimated by the pandemic and the damage was prolonged by the U.K. keeping it on the red list, stakeholders said. South Africa is Africa’s worst-affected country by the virus, with more than 2.9 million cases and 88,000 deaths reported.

on Sunday, August 15, it was about 75 degrees. The investigation noted that Gerrish’s cell phone showed he had researched the trail the day before using an app, charting out the family’s route. They probably expected to be on the trail for four or five hours, back home in time for a late lunch. They’d packed some snacks, a bottle with baby formula, and an 85-ounce bladder full of water. A common guideline for adult hikers is to drink 16 ounces of water per hour under normal circumstances. Following that math, two people hiking for four hours need 128 total ounces of water. Add in extra for the dog, and to contend with the hot temperatures forecast that day, and Chung and Gerrish probably should have been carrying two 85-ounce bladders. They did not bring a water purifier or a portable dog bowl. Then they began their return to the car on the Savage-Lundy Trail, which the tourism site calls “the most difficult trail in the area.” It gains more than 2,000 feet of elevation in its three-mile ascent, on a south/southeast facing slope exposed to constant sunlight.

It will stay for about two weeks at a time at seven stations in the province to vaccinate as many people as possible. State-owned rail company Transnet launched the program to aid the government’s rollout. The initiative aims to meet head-on two of the government’s biggest challenges: getting doses out beyond big cities to areas where health care facilities are limited and trying to convince hesitant people in those areas to get vaccine shots. The train, named Transvaco, can hold up to 108,000 vaccine doses in ultra-cold refrigerators. It has nine coaches, including accommodation coaches and a kitchen and dining area for the staff, a vaccination area and consulting rooms. It’s a new take on another train that’s been taking doctors and medicine across South Africa since the mid-1990s. Dr. Paballo Mokwana, the train program’s manager, said medical personnel had vaccinated just under 1,000 people so far during the stop in Swartkops. They’ve given jabs on the train but have also sent a vaccination team into nearby factories and businesses to administer shots to people at work. Untsaphokazi Singaphi was one of the people who received a vaccine shot from the off-site vaccination team at the factory where she works. She arrived to get her second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine with a smile on her face.