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(PRNewsfoto/MacroHealth) As a part of their network optimization analysis, MacroHealth evaluated several strategic out-of-network partners on PHP's behalf which resulted in the selection of ClearHealth Strategies. Providence Health Plan will leverage ClearHealth Strategies through the MacroHealth platform when a PHP member requires care outside the PHP Network. ClearHealth Strategies offers several different repricing methodologies which will increase savings and reduce the overall cost to the member regardless of where the care is provided. "The partnership with MacroHealth gives us confidence that our network strategy provides the best provider experience possible for members," said Brad Garrigues, chief sales and marketing officer at Providence Health Plan. "Through this collaboration, we were able to take advantage of MacroHealth's network connectivity platform which significantly reduced the level of effort to operationalize and connect to Cigna Payer Solutions and ClearHealth Strategies." Under this new agreement, PHP members gain in-network access to the Cigna PPO network with over one million providers in primary and specialty care, clinics, hospitals, and labs nationwide1. Additionally, members with PHP select plans will have access to the Cigna PPO network if they travel outside of Providence's core service area of Oregon and Southwest Washington2. MacroHealth will continue to identify opportunities new strategic network partners for the future to provide further value to PHP and members.


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene reported raising $1.5 million during the quarter, giving her $3.3 million in cash on hand. Despite the 14th being one of the most Republican districts in the country, Democrats are raising substantial sums to challenge the headline-grabbing Greene. Marcus Flowers took in $1.3 million and has $1.1 million cash, having spent two-thirds of the $3.3 million he has raised so far. Holly McCormack raised $440,000 and has $688,000 on hand. Wendy Davis raised $136,000 and has $105,000 in cash. In the 10th District, where Republican U.S. Rep. Jody Hice is stepping down to run for secretary of state, three Democrats and 13 Republicans have filed to run.


go!! src="https://cmg-cmg-tv-10010-prod.cdn.arcpublishing.com/resizer/D5hZ7JYmFOv_TiWE63F6Bj61FSQ=/1440x0/filters:format(jpg):quality(70)/cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/cmg/IOAZX5SAQBCCPDOYAYWMK3P3EE.JPG" width='250px' align='left' /> NLCS Schedule: Here is when the Atlanta Braves will play the Dodgers or Giants He was arrested over the weekend and charged with murder of Harrison, as well as aggravated stalking in connection to a previous, unrelated domestic incident. On Wednesday, one count of bias motivated intimidation of first responders was added to his charges. The GBI says Ferguson’s sister, 45-year-old Charlotte Ferguson, was arrested Tuesday and charged with hindering the apprehension or punishment of a criminal. Charlotte Ferguson, arrested in connection to shooting death of Alamo Police Officer Dylan Harrison (Crisp County Sheriff's Office) Asia Kinsey, 24, was also arrested Wednesday. She is being charged with terroristic threats and acts for a threatening social media post she made on Saturday regarding the investigation. Charlotte Ferguson was taken to the Crisp County Jail and Kinsey was taken to the Treutlen County Jail. Damien Ferguson remains in the Laurens County Jail. The GBI says that more arrests and charges are expected.


Ms Stokes, 36, first moved to England seven years ago to be with her partner Jamie and due to being pregnant with her twins and the pandemic has not been to visit her parents Bryan and Joye, who live in Pinjarra, Western Australia, since May 2019. image captionLeanne has been unable to introduce her twin sons to her family They had planned to visit after the boys' first vaccinations, she said, but as yet have no idea when they will be able to travel. The government said entry to Australia is currently closed to most arrivals but Australian citizens and returning permanent residents, plus their immediate family members are permitted to enter Australia. All international travellers entering Australia need to undertake a mandatory 14-day quarantine at a designated facility. But, it said border rules including eligibility criteria can change quickly so travellers should prepare for disruptions and Ms Stokes said she is worried about how the family could be affected if travel rules change once they arrived in Australia. image captionLeanne's sons are now 18 months old "There was an article the other day saying they were looking at opening the borders around Christmastime," she said. "Flights are going to go through the roof. They are still making us quarantine and they are choosing the hotels which can be up to £3,000. "By that stage the boys will be about 20 months and I don't fancy two weeks in one small hotel room with two 20-month-olds." In Australia, cases so far total over 82,000, and total deaths at just over 1,000. But about half the population is currently in lockdown due to outbreaks in the cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, with the Delta variant causing cases to rise more rapidly and the government has been criticised for a slow rollout imp source of the vaccine.